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Social Security

Understand how the Italian social security system is organised...

The Social Security System in Italy

Italian law requires people to be in employment before a welfare relationship may be established.

The employer is then obliged to pay contributions and deduct the amounts that must be paid in by the employer.

The INPS (Istituto Nazionale di Previdenza Sociale [National Social Security Institute]) is the national welfare institute responsible for social security and welfare benefits. Social security benefits are determined on the basis of compulsory insurance payments that are funded by the collection of contributions (old age pension, pension for seniority, survivor's pension, disability allowance, pension for the unskilled, pension agreed by international convention for work performed abroad).

Welfare benefits are designed to supplement income: unemployment, sickness, maternity, cassa integrazione [workers' benefit fund], severance payment and family allowance. INPS offices are located everywhere in Italy and contain a contact centre for general information on legal matters and individual cases. The telephone number of the combined INPS INAIL contact centre is 803164.

For employees, the employer must complete all the formalities required to register with the welfare department. The workers' contributions are deducted from the gross wage. Self-employed workers must register and pay contributions to a separate social security fund (known as a CASSA) or directly to the INPS.

The National Institute for Insurance against Occupational Accidents and Diseases (INAIL) offers protection against occupational accidents and diseases. Italian law obliges employers to ensure workers against the risk of possible occupational accidents or diseases caused while performing their working activities.

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