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Family Benefits

Find out about the benefits available to families in Italy...

Household Allowance

This payment was introduced to help the families of employees (even if on part-time contracts) and retired employees whose family income is less than certain limits set by the law each year. Since 1 January 1998, the allowance has also been payable to ‘semi-subordinate’ workers under certain conditions. To obtain the allowance, the interested party must submit an application using the appropriate form provided by INPS ( in the “forms” section).

Support Allowance

Households with at least three dependent children may obtain an allowance from their Municipality of residence amounting (as of 1 January 2008) to EUR 124.89 per month for thirteen months a year (which may be reduced depending on income). For 2008 applications, the financial status indicator (ISE) for households with at least 5 members including at least three dependent children amounts to EUR 22,480.91.

Family Allowance

Payable to certain categories of workers who are not eligible for the household allowance. For the allowance to be paid, the interested parties must be dependent on the applicant and the household income must not exceed certain limits. The following are eligible: direct growers, agricultural leaseholders and sharecroppers, small direct growers, pensioners of special self-employment schemes (craft workers, shopkeepers, growers, agricultural leaseholders and sharecroppers).

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